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The Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians Inc

The Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians (BAM) was formed in 1946. It has a focus on membership from professional and semi-professional working magicians.

Our objectives as outlined in our constitution are to promote goodwill, mutual respect and cooperation amongst active performing magicians; to instil respect and loyalty for the personal inventions, specialties and routines of fellow magicians and to enhance professionalism in all areas of the business of magic.

The Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians are the custodians of the prestigious Grand Master of Magic Award®, the highest honour for a New Zealand magician.


There are two branches of membership in The Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians :

Outer Circle : A person of good character eighteen years of age or older with a proven interest in performing magic who has performed an initiation act of 10-12 minutes and been accepted into the club. Upon successful entry into the Outer Circle the new member is initiated at the next meeting by taking the Oath of Allegiance on the Presidential Wand.

Inner Circle : The Inner Circle consists of magicians twenty years of age and over called from the Outer Circle. These are experienced magicians who have proven themselves at club meetings and public shows to be of a high standard of performance; demonstrable by such things as individual style, specialty acts, originality and showmanship. Following a nomination of at least two current Inner Circle members a member of the Outer Circle will be invited to join the Inner Circle provided they can perform a 15 minute act of the required standard. A ballot is then taken of financial Inner Circle members for admittance to the Inner Circle. A vote with no more than two objections to be obtained.

Patron : The Patron of The Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians is David Hartnell MNZM.

Life Members : Life Membership to The Brotherhood of Auckland Magicians is bestowed upon rare occasions to members who have given long and meritorious service to the club.

  • 1956 – Jim Phare
  • 1960 – Jack Read GMM
  • 1970 – Ned Kelly
  • 1975 – Edgar Benyon GMM
  • 1992 – Jon Zealando GMM
  • 2006 – Stanley Goudge JP
  • 2006 – Graham Bennett
  • 2011 – Tony Wilson GMM
  • 2017 – Wayne Rogers GMM
  • 2017 – Alan Watson QSM GMM

Meeting Information

The club meets at 7:30PM on the second Tuesday of every month except for January and December.

As we are a private, members-only club, attendance to meetings is strictly by invitation only.

Prospective new members must be proposed and seconded by existing members and perform an initiation act of the required standard to join the Outer Circle.  There is a waiting list for prospective members.

Visiting international magicians are welcome to attend the BAM as a visiting guest.  Please get in contact with a member of the council.

Submission for consideration for live or streaming lectures may be made to the president.